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My name is Jeff Mueller and I am the proud owner of Pirates Loot. Established in 2004 on the shores of New South Wales Australia I started out as a custom design t-shirt and hat designer, but later found my true calling as a tattoo artist in South Korea. I have always had a passion for art and love creating unique one of a kind pieces of artwork. I love sharing stories and getting to know each of my customers on a personal level. I look forward to meeting each and every client and starting our own artistic adventures together.
Meghan Hounsell is a junior tattoo artist with almost 4 years of experience, she learned how to tattoo under mentor and Pirates Loot owner Jeff Mueller. Before starting at Pirates Loot Meghan attended the Alberta College of Art and Design where she majored in Illustration and Character design, receiving her Bachelor of Design.
Her favorite subject matter to tattoo is anything fun and colorful, whether that be video games, anime, pop culture or neokawaii style art, she also enjoys mixing these themes with surreal and dark imagery as well.
Panda Piercings was founded six years ago in Calgary Alberta by Ashley ! Specializing in all body piercings and modifications.
Ashley thrives on making all her clients happy and feel at ease.



Pirates Loot Tattoo 119 7th Street NE Calgary, Alberta Canada. Please contact me for further details.


General Description

Pirates Loot offers safe, sterile, professional tattoos in Calgary, AB. Canada. If you have an idea you'd like to have designed for your own custom piece, need a cover-up, or have any questions please get in touch for a free consultation. Using some of todays most innovative technology we ensure that your tattoo is exactly what you want, where you want it by imposing artwork over the desired tattoo area and offering a digital proof for your consideration.

Consultations & Bookings


Consultations and bookings are by appointment only.

All bookings require 48 hours notice for any appointment date or time change(s). Any re-bookings not meeting these requirements will forfeit any deposit(s) and require a new deposit to book another appointment.
To get in touch for a free consultation or make a booking please feel free to e-mail, call, or fill out the online form here.

What to know before your Consultation

General Description
Consultations & Bookings
What to know before your consultation


All booked appointments must be secured with a NON REFUNDABLE/NON TRANSFERABLE deposit, no exceptions.

48 Hours notice is required for any change/cancellation to an appointment. Not providing adequate notice will result in a loss of deposit.

You must be 18 years or older with government issued photo ID. Parental consent for minors is not acceptable.

All clients must be sober and the area being tattooed must be free of injury, including burns, rashes or abnormalities.

Minors and animals are not permitted in the tattoo studio. Please do not bring animals or children/infants into the shop at the time of your appointment.



Deposits ensure that both the time of you and your artist are not wasted, and also secure your tattoo appointment time. On leaving a deposit you agree to the following:

All tattoo deposits are $150-$300 and are determined by your artist. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE/NON TRANSFERABLE. This means that the deposit is for the project that it was made for and cannot be used for a different tattoo, no exceptions.

All deposits will be deducted from the final cost of the tattoo that they were made for.

Terms under which a Tattoo deposit may be forfeit:

  • In the event that the idea of the tattoo changes after artwork has been developed, the non-refundable deposit fee will be claimed as compensation, and a new deposit will be required to develop another idea.

  • As an example of an idea change a client came in requesting a skull design and left a deposit. After having artwork developed they decided they wanted a cross design instead of the skull, or a different style of artwork than that of which he artist produced (i.e. photo realism and not illustrated) then the deposit would be claimed and a new deposit would be required to develop the new idea.

  • After leaving a deposit and artwork developed, adjustments to a design are acceptable within reason. They should be discussed with your artist. For example an acceptable adjustment would be a change in placement/size of a design. Slight adjustments to elements in a design are also acceptable (i.e. a skull with its jaw closed adjusted to have its jaw open).

Within 48 hours notice, you may reschedule your appointment to a different day or time. Not giving proper notice will result in the loss of your deposit.

All deposits can be made via Debit/Credit/Cash/Gift Certificate.

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